We develop and/or assist organizations with documentation appropriate to their organization. Such documentation normally consists of the following:
  • Vision and Mission Statements;
  • Process Framework development appropriate to the specific needs of your organization;
  • Quality, Environmental, and Safety Policy Statements and Manuals;
  • Tier 2 Procedures to support Policy (Documented in scripted format or cross functional/swim-lane format; 
  • Tier 3 Work Instructions "How-to" perform a specific task / activity;
  • Tier 4 Forms and Databases; 
  • Inspection and Test Plans;
  • Workmanship Standards.



  • Process Management including improvement and Training in Procedure, Work Instruction, Flowcharting preparation and training on the use of BPMN standards 1.1 and 2.0
  • ISO 9001   - Quality Management System - Preparation and Audit
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management - System Preparation and Audit
  • ISO 18001 - Health and Safety Management System - Preparation and Audit
  • GAP Analysis (Against stated.known requirements/standards)
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Critical review of Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions
  • Facillitating Group Meetings 
  • Idea Generation and Problem Solving
  • Management System Auditing
  • How to become a World Class Manufacturer (WCM)   
  • Machining and Metal Fabrication
  • Evaluation, Monitoring, Audit, and Expediting